Tron MLB 2023

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Agreed @FairWarning.

Can't help but feel you clammed up a bit once you flew out to a great start @Tron. But definitely one for the books (or bankroll)! Thanks for posting your plays!
YTD 46-33 +15.19

I appreciate the kind words, fellas.

Marlins -103

Braves +103
I have to like this beta though I hope it doesn't pan out. Seen Nola all year can't remember two good games in a row. The Braves offense is bound to snap out of it.

No Braves -1.5? You won 't get better than +160.
YTD 47-34 +15.19

Astros +103

final baseball selection of the 2023 season
Good job ending on the +side!
Well done, great season. Why no more?
Congrats on a great season!