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Seriously though, how does one acquire GL tokens?
Seriously though, how does one acquire GL tokens?
Look for these surprise free play links scattered on threads, play and win them

surprise free plays
Weren't you hounding Teela for tokens a few months ago? Why the sudden lack of interest?
Play it cool Dave or else we will might face the consequences of losing another one to BMR.
Got arrested once jumping a turnstyle in NYC because I didn’t have subway tokens.

I get the value of such things.

Oh my! :cono:

Did they put you in jail ??

I have a similar story…

Several years ago, I was driving across the state line to Ohio late at night and didn’t have any change with me to get through the toll gate. I sat there for about 15 minutes until someone finally pulled up behind me and gave me the necessary change in order to get through. I offered to send them $50 as a “Thank You” but they declined. There are definitely some good people out there..
Hi Shorty

An anonymous poster sent you 2 tokens, now you have 15