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Aug 3, 2010
Tron, if this worked out, you would be in bases heaven! All the different teams you could see! Close up seating for everyone at minor league parks. Maybe games would be sold-out fast though? Wish I was retired!
If they allow fans at games, I’d try to hit a game a week. See different teams I normally wouldn’t see.


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Jan 28, 2010
Dwight Gooden Career Stats
3.51 ERA
1.26 WHIP
2800 INN
2564 HITS
2293 KK
954 BB
1 CyYoung

Roy Halladay Career Stats
3.38 ERA
1.18 WHIP
2749 INN
2646 HITS
2173 KK
592 BB
2 CyYnoug

When Tron mentioned DW in another thread, saw his W-L record and said sounds close to RH's! Lot of stats are, one a HOFer and one not! Guess it helps to finish your career strong then be great early in it and then fan out! Plus RH being true gentleman in the game didn't hurt while the other had many personal issues outside the lines! Not saying DW belongs in the Hall, just saying what the stats show!


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Jan 27, 2010
did Roy's death give him a voting bump?

I tend to look at MVP/CY Young win shares when talking HOF/NO HOF stuff

Cy Young
RankCy Young AwardAward Shares
1.Roger Clemens (7 wins)7.66
2.Randy Johnson* (5 wins)6.50
3.Greg Maddux* (4 wins)4.92
4.Clayton Kershaw (3 wins)4.57
5.Steve Carlton* (4 wins)4.29
6.Pedro Martinez* (3 wins)4.26
7.Justin Verlander (2 wins)4.21
8.Max Scherzer (3 wins)4.07
9.Tom Seaver* (3 wins)3.85
10.Jim Palmer* (3 wins)3.57
11.Roy Halladay* (2 wins)3.50
12.Tom Glavine* (2 wins)3.15
13.Sandy Koufax* (3 wins)3.05
14.Johan Santana (2 wins)2.72
15.Corey Kluber (2 wins)2.60
16.Felix Hernandez (1 win)2.46
17.Bret Saberhagen (2 wins)2.20
18.David Price (1 win)2.11
19.Bob Gibson* (2 wins)2.04
20.Zack Greinke (1 win)2.03
21.Jacob deGrom (2 wins)2.02
Catfish Hunter* (1 win)2.02
23.Gaylord Perry* (2 wins)2.01
24.Adam Wainwright1.97
25.Ron Guidry (1 win)1.91
26.Chris Sale1.88
27.Curt Schilling1.85
28.CC Sabathia (1 win)1.84
29.Warren Spahn* (1 win)1.83
30.Fergie Jenkins* (1 win)1.82
31.Chris Carpenter (1 win)1.81
32.Brandon Webb (1 win)1.69
33.Cliff Lee (1 win)1.58
34.Dwight Gooden (1 win)1.56

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Jan 29, 2010
btw Polaroid is Tacomax for Plommer.

What's your favorite baseball memory? Mine was 1990 Reds (obviously), sweeping the heavily favorite A's in the WS. Eric Davis, Paul O'Neill, Barry Larkin, Sabo, Dibble. Yep! I even went out and bought a tshirt with all of em on there afterwards.
After all those disappointments.
the 82 Brewers
86 red sox
late 80's Pirates

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Jan 29, 2010
Btw, I think it's time they put Pete Rose in the HOF and reinstate him. There's really no point at this juncture to keep hurting a guy who really loves baseball. I know they wanna honor Giamatti, but you know at some point enough is enough


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Jan 28, 2010
With 3 games left in the regular season the Miami Marlins have a 90.7% chance to break their 17 year playoff drought.

And felicitations to the Buffalo Blue Jays of Toronto for clinching a playoff spot
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Jan 29, 2010

I'm sure nobody else remembers poor German. Was the worst pitcher on the worst team in baseball, which I watched regularly. And he looked it.
Just looked up his stats. Not great 1-5 career. 5.01 era. Guess that was his only year in mlb. But I remember him vividly :hattip: Good effort guru