Steves gets his life together

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For the smelly/stinky homeless guy in Philly!

I live in a shelter and I smell just fine.

Even if I was stinky it'd be a heck of a lot better than being a hideous lardass that is hated by so many for being a pathetic scam artist.
You can do it man. Always just keep moving forward.
I don't think he can. Been a year now and nothing has changed, Steve is fucked.

Couldn't have happened to a better candidate.

Steve gonna die a homeless drunk.
Steve maybe you ending up as miserable as you are is karma for the abuse you inflicted on cami

Not to mention how you've disappointed and let down your dying mother
I have a good amount of money saved up from the job I worked and when I get a new job it'll be enough for a nice new place.

Plommer will still be the only poster that uses people thinking they're his friends as opportunity to steal money from them.

In addition to his hideous appearance (which includes morbid obesity) and his lack of intellect It does not get more pathetic.
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I've heard how you tormented Cami, karma has made you homeless, drunk and without hope.

Your mother must be so proud.
You're a useless idiot and you have people to pay back.

Momma K is a HUGH Stevies fan as is Papa K, which is why they sent to much Birthday/Christmas money this year. That is my money and unlike you I didn't have to stoop so low as to scam to acquire it.

Pay up, scammer!!!!
Convicted felon, drunk, crazy, homeless, stalker, woman beater.

What a resume, who could pass up a job candidate like drunken Steve?
You're an idiot. Just as you called IAG a convicted felon and she isn't one, neither am I. I don't drink anymore either nor have I ever hit a woman, and I also haven't stalked anyone.

Seriously, just pay up and shut up.

On a more serious note, when are you going to pay the posters you owe money to back? You always avoid this topic and to get any respect anywhere it's something you need to address.
Plommer, who pretends to be people's friends on the internet only to stab them in the back by stealing from them, having anything to say about anyone :lmao:

Makes his live in girlfriend work for him then doesn't pay her.

Add misogynist to the list of accomplishments.

Oh and you die alone