Sex Dolls...


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Putting this under the title of rabbit holes I never intended on going down but which is informative.

Particularly interested in hearing from the ladies of GameLive here on this issue...

So in the wake of #metoo the sexdoll industry has been a explosion of growth (both literally and figuratively).

This market is SO untapped and is only going to increase in population size the more men and women seem to want to segregate.

If we celebrate the billion dollar dildo/sex toy industry for women and men then why not celebrate this industry to? After all, in both instances you're simply putting something plastic into something that's non plastic...

Seriously looking to invest in companies that make these dolls. From what I've seen on YouTube they're very life like and men, if having a partner that never gets a headache, never says no, is always ready and also has a inbuilt AI that gives customized pre programmed responses (some would argue that's what women do anyway but not I) then one could argue that not only do you have your physical needs fulfilled but also your emotional ones too.

Personally much prefer the real thing but can foreshadow this becoming a industry that has huge potential.

Would you ever consider using one?



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They have sex doll brothels.
Tully, you mean in Ontario?

It makes sense. Consider it on a evolutional level where you have around 60% of all guys who are unable to get laid cos the majority of woman only go for the top 20% of alpha males, or the "Chads" as it were.

So now you have this huge market that's largely untapped (pun intended) just waiting to get that release... Necessity really is the mother of invention.


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Sure I'd try one, make one of Bae Suzy or Park Shin Hye

They'll customize these real life drainage devices to suit any persons desire...

I'm like WOW...the old dude in me is kinda icky about this cos of preference for the real thing but the business mind says this is the future for alot of red and black pilled people...


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Reno congrats man.

As far as robots go, I couldn’t imagine ever going that route. Fucking a robot would be a constant reminder why I suck as a man. If I wanted that, I’d get married.