Serious question...


Current Corpse
For all the old schoolers here. Which at first glance seems like anyone who is still here...

I realize its been about 10 years so obviously age is a thing, but does anyone still do those all night into morning doing troubles things with online fellow miscreants? If so where?

I usually just turn on a move til I sleep these days. But the nights of talking utter nonsense with 10 of your closest idiots seem to be done on all platforms. Anything I'm missing?

Older I get less I sleep. I guess human interaction is a real thing ;(


Current Corpse
Yeah dude about 2008 was when you could go into a chat room and guarantee 15 of your varying idiots would be there. Or us in MySpace days. Or a number of other platforms.

Its all over pal. But you've never been my one and only. Always my favorite.
Webcam dominatrix women are where it's at. This one had me break a pane of glass over my head the other night because I "was a bad boy". It was so awesome.