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A good Canadian contingent here and he deserves a Gamelive thread like this to be remembered. No doubt going in the Hall of Fame as a Blue Jay, but become my fav Phillie rather quickly after arriving. Even over the vets like Rollins, Howard, Utley. Ruiz, etc etc! Probably the most dominant pitcher of his era but seemed like such a humble, hard-working, next store neighbor type of guy!

Remember when he first sign, saw Roy and wife on TV at a 76ers game and announcer mentioned him sitting in just two normal seats in the crowd and didn't seek attention! When he starting having a few bad outings need the end of his time in Philly mentioned how being paid so much money, he needed to do better to earn it!

So SAD and you all know how I feel about flying. One part in your auto could malfunction and not probably going to end bad. One bad part of an airplane and who knows what might happen! Too young to leave us and feel for his wife and sons!

Only the second no-hitter ever in post season play!!! RIP and thanks for the memories Doc!


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fuker prob wouldn't have fuked up and died if he had a real good set or gloves on. like motorcycle gloves


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Shocking news. He was certainly one of the all-time great Blue Jays and really one of the greatest of the Toronto sports scene period. Too bad he didn't have good teams behind him all that time. Seems like it was always him, Delgado, and a bunch of spare parts.

He would do some winning though. He made me money, Roy Halladay.

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what is it with these guys? not enough to throw a baseball around, gotta prove you can ride a boat and fly a plane too? :hey:


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Didn't know much about the guy until he got to Philly! Thought of him as a quiet, workman type star player! Saw this youtube vid and fell in luv with the guy who I could tell had his players backs and a nasty side to him who hated to lose! :yes:

Something about Adam Lind getting plucked by Papelbon the night before and nice to see Roy get revenge by going at one of Boston's best! :up:


I remember his 2nd career start. Took a perfect game in to the 9th only to have Bobby Higginson hit a solo shot off him.

The start to his career was and odd one. He got the yips at one point and was looking like Rick Abkiel. They sent him all the way back down to rookie ball and worked his way back up.

He will go in to the HOF as a Jay.