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I've decided, largely inspired by the movie Yesterday, to listen to the whole Beatles collection, in chronological order, one album a week.

So today - originally released in Mono, three months before I was born: Please Please Me (1963)

Okay, so, anyone who knows anything is aware of The Beatles bubblegum beginnings. I actually only knew/remembered a handful of the 14 tracks on this album. It opens with I Saw Her Standing There which is, in my estimation, as outstanding as a pop song can be. Tons of energy. Well written. Great song.

And then it kinda falls off a cliff. I'm sorry. Bubblegum just isn't my go-to thing. At times I was laughing at the cheesiness of the strung-together cliches that make up these songs.

A Taste of Honey is on there. I had forgotten they covered that. It's not good though.

But then an amazing thing happens. The final track. Twist and Shout. It seems so out of place - but so welcomely out of place.

And it's just like, yeah, I know they didn't write it but still, there they are. There's the springboard. That's The Beatles.



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Highly Suspect released their new album 11.1 "MCID". It's got a lot of hip hop on it which is a big change from their prior all rock albums.

Not liking their new direction.

Many fans got "MCID" tattood on their bodies because it is the band's catch phrase meaning "My Crew IS Dope". I was almost one of them.

Now said fans have a tat representing a mostly hip hop album from what was viewed by some as one of the best rock bands in the world.

Like almost all other bands they too will fall into the category of "yeah, they're still cool but I prefer their old shit".