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never had an intact pistachio club
Well, no, I don't imagine it would.

But I figured it might put a little more pep in your step.


Leave everything to me!
Me I'm waiting so patiently
Lying on the floor
I'm just trying to do my jigsaw puzzle
Before it rains any more



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I actually wanted to take the time to apologize to all of my exes, and I do mean all of them, truly.

Anything negative I ever said I take back.

A very lost alcoholic can be capable of some real bullshit, and it's just the truth. Anything I ever did to make anyone sad in any way I completely retract, and at some point if and when I can I will figure out a way to do something nice for you and those that surround you.

For all of you, this is a song I like a lot about wishing everyone and everything in the past the past.



Leave everything to me!
I no longer have the theme song from Game of Thrones stuck in my head. It has been replaced by the theme song from Welcome Back Kotter.

So that's the "good" news.


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KOL also did this, but they misplayed it slightly.

The proper move is, you go play 40 hours of poker, get comped $1 per hour at 1/2 at Sugarhouse casino. Then you dip into Hugo's, get a little chicken and the best whiskey in the fucking WORLD, ALL free of charge.

Then you slide over and get the cheesesteak, also free of charge.

THEN you take a Lyft (DON'T drive like this) over to Jack Casino - wear sunglasses at this point - and be chewing a box of gum because you might have passed out in the Lyft and thrown. Then you play spewy, sloshed about to throw up poker which the staff will be ok with if you're not a jerk against the Table Captain and we will try to make an $1,100 or so bluff into you. But if he bluffs and gets you to fold a set against him because you're too scared to fold anything else, he will burst out laughing and clown you so badly that'll you'll want to cry but you have to remain professional. The cool as heck crew will keep you from punching him in the face.

Then again, I guess KOL is arguably the best band ever so they probably had a gig to play as opposed to 20,000 hours of poker.

My bad.



Leave everything to me!
I actually did a Youtube video that was banjo-based and I thought I might post it here to make some kind of rebuttal - but I started listening to it - and the banjo part does sound a bit stupid.


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Fiddlers are cool though. And all the other bluegrass folk. Banjo is just fucking obnoxious.


max headroom

Finally remembered this one.

This, in my opinion, is the best concert by any artist of all time - yes I know that many would not agree. U2 is drunk as fuk, everyone knows it, and they play their asses off.

I would like to be able to, along with many things by other musicians, be able to reach a level to cover some of these tunes in this kind of fashion some day.




Leave everything to me!
The thing is, when you're young and you're in show biz, it's all about being thin. You keep the weight down and you look good and it works. Fine.

But when you start getting a bit older, an argument can be made that a few extra pounds can be a good thing.

Just my opinion.