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max headroom

If Panic at the Disco doesn't get knocked out of the top spot on the alternative music chart within the next month, preferably by Cage or T0P Ima lose my shit.
They did it! Cage the Elephant "Ready to let Go" is NUMERO UNO on the alternative music chart!



Leave everything to me!
What was the deal with Counting Crows anyway? Did they ever give us a final tally on how many crows?

max headroom

That shit really is fucking awesome Rogie.

Actually I have a story in particular about this album besides hooking up with Melissa in Philly soon after Chance played Budfest. Hope that trippy bitch is living well despite the hit and fun.

Great kisser, outstanding ass.

Anyway, so I'm in this little town soloing it, drinking a bucket of beers at this bar, seeing if there's any girls to talk to and watching a game. Already feeling a little edgy. These guys decide to take a few jabs at me because I put this song I had recently gotten from Machu

and interrupted their Skynard flow. IT kept going on, back and forth.

It kept going, back and forth. So I put this on and just stare at them the whole time, this on

and just glare at them. They go completely silent. I go to take a piss and one of them follows me to the bathroom and makes some smart comment I don't remember. I go all gangster on them and am like yo, I have people for your people and if you have a problem we can settle it right fucking now.

Like a bitch he complains to the bartender and gets me kicked out, screaming at him to grow a set of balls and come outside with me..

It turns out they were possibly Klan and about a month later that same guy sat next to me in another bar, smiling so when he ordered a shot I grabbed it, downed it and looked at him, smiling. That got be banned from that bar too.

Fuck that racist piece of shit, hating on me just because I'm black.

max headroom

I do love Mac and I leave his avatar up because of that, but yeah -

Junkies run into Fenanyl and then they die, that's what happens.

Cado was more of a darwinism thing.

max headroom

He couldn't get over that man.

She seems kind of annoying to me when she talks.

She pussy whipped the fuck out of him.

I wouldn't hate on her though, she took in his dog after, which I find to be quite salutable.


max headroom


I know Mac was a multimillionaire and I"m assuming Davidson is too. She ruined them both.

She must be one awesome fuck.

max headroom

New Cage/Beck collab

I don't like it, because I'm here to listen to Cage rock, not Beck funk - and that's very much what this is.. All due respect to Beck's legendary old stuff, I do not like his new stuff.

I don't want him to retire because I said that, but he might.

Beck: "Maxheadroom @ Gamelive said WHAT about me?! Oh, that's fucked up."