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Most of these taken from Reddit

San Diego International Airport has a real doggie bathroom

Protest poster in Taksim Square, Istanbul.

Why summer birthdays are the worst

you have boring birthday parties indoors

summer birthdays means everyone could drive before you

And you eventually got tired of being the Designated driver

bad family photos

Turkey is wild right now. It all started with protest against development in a public park and then the wave in all the country.


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A story on the Alawites ( Assads group who make up less than 12% of syria) in Syria and Turkey and story of sunni and shiites in Lebanaon. This whole conflict could really spread. Syria isnt a cut and dry conflict where the Syrian rebels and Sunnis are the "good guys" and the Alawites and the Shiites are the "bad guys", a very sectarian conflict that really spans alot of countries in the region.



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Any one wanting to understand the Syrian conflict should watch this documentary on Tripoli Lebanon and the history between Sunnis and Shiites and and the Alawites, this is just in one city in Lebanon and shows the history of the sectarian conflict in Tripoli. This conflict isnt just about Syria.

Nearing 100,000 deaths in Syria now.

Greg Lebanese women are probably the nicest looking of the middle east.

Will watch it later.


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Its depressing to watch this film about the Bab al Tabbaneh district in the old city in Tripoli. It was called the golden gate and named after the milky way as all the trade from beirut, mount lebanon and syria used to orbit around Bab al Tabbaneh.

This is ancient Phoenicia, I remember reading a book about Tripoli, its known for the orange orchards and during that season where the oranges bloom in the orchards, all the pollen from the orange flowers is carried on the the breeze from the Mediterranean sea and creates this kind of perfume which fills the city.

I would give anything to visit Libya and Lebanon and all the old ruins and that Mediterranean culture and history and food. This is ridiculous this region isnt thriving, it is a beautiful region with an incredible history.

The problems in syria are going to effect Jordan and Lebanon and really throughout the region. I know something has to be done but I really have serious doubts about alot of the actions the state department and our government are taking, this is from an article in december about some of the syrian opposition. I love the part in the article where the state department official says this is a group "we could do business" with. Like Afghanistan?

Syrian rebels defy US and pledge allegiance to jihadi group
Rebel groups across Syria are defying the United States by pledging their allegiance to a group that Washington will designate today a terrorist organization for its alleged links to al-Qaeda.

A total of 29 opposition groups, including fighting "brigades" and civilian committees, have signed a petition calling for mass demonstrations in support of Jabhat al-Nusra, an Islamist group which the White House believes is an offshoot of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
The petition is promoting the slogan "No to American intervention, for we are all Jabhat al-Nusra" and urges supporters to "raise the Jabhat al-Nusra flag" as a "thank you".

Even mainstream opposition activists expressed anger at what they claimed was America's last-minute attempt to "muscle in on their revolution".

. Its new leadership, which sidelines former commanders such as Gen Mustafa al-Sheikh and Col Riad al-Assad, includes senior figures without a regime background. Many are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood or even more radical Salafi movements, but are thought to be men with whom the West "can do business".

Opposition fighters inside Syria told The Daily Telegraph that the US announcement was too little too late, and that any attempts by the West to intervene in Syria would be rejected. "We don't support the new FSA military command," said Ous al-Arabi, a spokesman of the Deir al-Zour Revolutionary council.

"For Deir al-Zour province they have chosen people who are not representative. Jabhat al-Nusra is the strongest group here and they ignored that.
"The people are not going to accept intervention by the West now. You were watching us die, and now that we close to victory you want to intervene? You are not welcome."


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Byblos . The oldest still functioning port in the world and the oldest continually inhabited city in the world.


hopefully hijab doesnt make its way to beirut and the Mediterranean . Hopefully the paris of the east continues to thrive, such a beautiful country

good web site



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hindu festival of colors

overwater villa in maldives

work space in pittsburgh

google offices zurich

Tangga House uses water walls to keeps out summer heat

Suzie Leung

The architect of the Tangga House in Singapore uses water walls to keep out the summer tropical summer heat.




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I would love to have that bedroom, except I'd like the platform the bed is on to be larger!


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It is called inventionland. Sort of reminds me of disney and their "imagineers"

"America's largest invention factory, Inventionland, turns out 2,000-2,400 new inventions each year. Inventionland demonstrates that the innovative spirit is alive and well in America.

Over 1,000 different retailers and online stores are selling or have sold products that were invented or developed by the staff of "creationeers" who work inside this inspirational factory called Inventionland.

How do you inspire creativity? If you are George Davison, you build a 61,000 square-foot wonderland specifically designed to spark imagination and foster creative thinking. Build this space in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pa., as Davison did, and you will have created something truly unique. Add a state-of-the-art production studio, new product development factory and talented professionals, and see how creativity thrives!"

"Employees at Inventionland work in 16 unique themed sets, such as a shipwrecked pirate ship, a faux cave, a giant robot and a castle complete with turrets and drawbridge. The inspiring setting includes three running waterfalls, life-like trees and butterflies and chirping birds. In the rear of Inventionland is a red carpet that leads to a state-of-the art audio, video, and animation studio complete with sound room and one of the largest green screens in the tri-state area.

George Davison has seen his greatest dreams come to life in a short amount of time. He has contended with a number of critics who tried to discourage him from doing things differently. He has faced the skeptics and shown the world that dreaming big does work, and that inspiration can blossom in environments where fantasy and reality come alive.

George Davison also has traded in his ordinary office in the neighboring building for a creative office in the Thinktank Treehouse, from which he can look out at the waterfalls of the cavern and the turrets of Inventalot Castle. He and his team often brainstorm on the deck, thinking up the products of the future. "Entrepreneur" magazine (January 2008) said it best. "There's nothing like a little fantasy to get imaginations - and business - moving."

The secret entrance to Inventionland is hidden in Edison's Lab, a room that highlights the evolution of the company and its product successes. The room also is a testament to Davison's inspirational heroes: Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and Henry Ford.

Metalworking, woodworking, molding, laser cutting, prototyping, circuit board construction, and more take place in a state-of-the-art product sample construction facility."

this has been my typical work space



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Nearing 100,000 deaths in Syria now.
exactly why we should pump more weapons into that country.

russia now contesting US gov's claim that syrian gov used chemical weapons by stating was used by rebels. at least they supplied support for their statement. waiting on obamas.


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Man, I wish I could work outside. I swear I'd be so much more productive, I spend half my day fantasizing about being out there.


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Man, I wish I could work outside. I swear I'd be so much more productive, I spend half my day fantasizing about being out there.
I'm scared that my next job will be inside again. I suck at being inside with artificial light and air conditioned air. #firstworldbitching