NHL 2018/19 - season of the Maple Leaf


Toppus Doggus
Season kicks off tonight. For real. Could these Leafs be the greatest team of all time?

Time to start finding out.
Leafs are always my 2nd choice to win the Cup behind the Flyers! From the little info I have looked up this year, can't pick a winner but seeing San Jose and Tampa Bay in the Finals!


Toppus Doggus
I was expecting them to have the Cup at the game last night and just give it to the Leafs RIGHT NOW.

But they didn't do that.


Toppus Doggus
The Mighty Leafs are home to Ottawa in ~9 hours hoping to bounce back from game 1 - which they won - so good - but the consensus of experts is they looked far from good and proper.

Ottawa does not feel like a huge threat but you never know.

So that's what's happening with that.