NFL 2018 - season of schadenfreude

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I tell you though, how about that fumble recovered by the ref? I was yelling at the tv "get the ball". Instead these guys are posing towards the crowd. unreal


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These kids with the mufflers. I'm not upset that these people are protecting their kids hearing... I'm upset that they have kids that will keep things on their heads for more than 15 seconds.


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I am doing an NFL playoff pool with a buddy. Just the two of us. Pick the 11 playoff games against the spreads and then the tiebreaker is total points on the Super Bowl.

I was 3 for 4 on the weekend - but dang me if I am not now trailing by a game. Buddyboy was a perfect 4 for 4.



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Right now, I have no clear idea who to take in any of this weekend's game. All the dogs seem good at first glance, but it just seems like this is usually a good week for favorites. They're at home, they've had a bye. The dogs are more beaten up and they've been traveling around - across the continent twice in the Chargers' case.



Leave everything to me!
And here is where I have landed. I have submitted my picks and this is my final answer:

All 4 favorites.