NBA 2018-19 anyone?


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Well you really can't start a 2nd half any worse than this.


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They keep having these spells where the shooting goes ice cold for extended periods.

I guess all teams do - I guess it's part of the game - but damn.


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So Golden State is now a -250 series favorite.

In a 7 game series without homecourt they were bigger favorites than they now are in a 5 game series with homecourt.



Leave everything to me!
Jeezuz effing christ, stop randomly fouling Steph Curry.

Like if you really have to foul someone in the middle of nowhere when nothing is going on - and I don't know why you would have to do that - but apparently we do - make it anyone besides Steph Curry.


Leave everything to me!
It's kinda spooky. We're all here waiting for the 16 ton weight to drop on our heads - but there is legit reason to think it might not.


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Raps playing lights out ball...

Green, Siakem and Gasol all stepping up around Leonard. He has that rare quality of making his teammates play a more efficient brand of basketball.

Sign of a true leader.

What a steal of a trade...