NBA 2018-19 anyone?


Leave everything to me!
Raptors shooting is crap but I can't feel too bad. Only down by 4.

At some point these shots are gonna start dropping in bunches.


Leave everything to me!
Man these Raptors. They are a tough, no-bullshit group.

Let's keep 'er goin' boyz.

reno cool

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Maybe they should make the rim about 5 times bigger and allow goaltending. That might make this game better :thinking:


Leave everything to me!
I have no level of comfort at all with this series. I know the stats about what happens in NBA playoff series when teams go up 3-1, but I won't believe it until it happens. If it happens.

Jittery times over here.


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What price was Leonard for series MVP before the start of this series?

Guy has ice running through his veins..