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No State Income tax, change of season and a lower COL than where I'm currently at are HUGE for me.

You should consider total tax burden and not just existence of a state income tax. In fact, assuming you're retired, property tax might actually be more burdensome.

That said, TN is probably your best bet of all these criteria (including a low overall tax burden). Plus you're a music guy so that adds a culture fit, compared to say SC if you were a golfer or needed the ocean, for example. I always thought Columbia, SC would be cool (though I've never been).

Good luck!
let's tally the pros and the cons

-be near blitty
-nice weather, humidity tops 80% in the summer 60% in the winter
-year long cycling
-no torrential downpours that floods within 15 minutes and lose you power
-no king tides
-lake beaches
-music town
-lower cost of living
-no cubans
-no state income tax
-get to sport winter clothing and look even more sexier
-short drive to georgia
-no desantis home insurance racket

-sons are in florida
memphis is rude

Who knew Memphis was full of ass holes
I hadn't looked into this yet. Even Nashville?
Without looking, I'm sure it has the best in the state. But let's be honest, you get anything besides run of the mill cancer (prostate, colon) you're headed out of state for treatment. Not the case in FL. Though I think you'd still want to go to Tampa or Jacksonville which might be just as far from south Florida as Nashville is from Ohio (good healthcare).