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Britney is too lazy to completely shave it all.
I have to get out more! Who's Britney?
Unreal. I am 0 for 10 in seeing these. Inglorious Bastards I will most likely see soon.

I have seen 6. I would like to see them all. It would be handy if the ones I haven't caught yet would come out on video because I don't think they're in wide release any more.

Someone get on that.
That's exactly what happened. A conversation with some "expert" on The Today Show mentioned that movies such as District-9, were high grossing movies and therefore deserved a slot. WHAT? That was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. A top grossing picture does not a good movie make.

Ridiculous in that sense, yes. My other question is, are they really going to get extra viewers because of fans of a movie that gets nominated but has no chance to win?

Meh. I guess maybe.
Further proving that we are dealing with a continent filled with idiots.
Hoff change your name signature NOW!!!!!

Watched "Wanderlust" the other night; Rudd, Anniston figured must be worth a watch right?

I never thought I would see Paul Rudd's "not top 100" all in one movie

I did.

Don't view.

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We watched some movies this weekend

Jeff who lives at home

I rented this because I thought Segel and Helms could have some entertaining moments playing off of each other. I would say it was about what I expected. Very hokie ending but some slightly entertaining dialogue/moments.

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Hot Tub Time Machine

I expected ridiculous and this delivered. Some moments that had me laughing pretty hard, many cheap laughs in this which was their goal. Definitely good for a one time watch.

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I watched this a few weeks ago, I've never really gotten too much into Sacha Baron Cohen (I saw Borat like everyone else and thought it was overrated) but now I think I need to because this was so, so funny. One minute of laughing my ass off to the next. If you haven't seen this watch it asap.

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Daniel Tosh, Completely Serious

If you aren't at work, you haven't seen this and you have Netflix watch this right now.

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Well, I just saw Black Swan and Man that was an amazing experience, that film gave me goosebumps most times..........Loved it immensely.

7.5 for me. I wouldn't say I loved it as much as most but I mean COMMON I do have balls so

well barrymore is a decent enough in her actings but is not hot enough to attract the other eyes.
yesterday just watched van helsing another time and would say its classy movie to watch. my all time favorite movie