Interview with Tiger's unconscious mind

Ike Mana

He looked bored out of his mind.

A few quotes: "It all came to a head."
"I got away from my Bootyism."
Tiger said "stripping" three times.
"Just one is enough" - followed by a lethargic sigh.

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Ike Mana

Unfortunately not too much Rogue. I might try to start watching earlier this year and get into it a little more.

Ike Mana

Welcome Ike. Ike you are a very handsome man.
Thanks Bread. I am an acquaintance of yours from SBR. I was never a power poster and retired my old username.
I found this place in one of the "where is Bread threads" I still post at SBR, but I like the atmosphere around here better; less sniping and garbage.

Oh, and you are mas macho.:moped:

Ike Mana

Rogue I've known you as well, but never communicated with you directly. In fact, I know most of the posters here if only from reading their posts at SBR.

Here's a hint. If you can't guess with this pic then I'll just tell you.



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oh ginobli. There was something else in name...can't remember what.

An old MMA friend.


(I'm right, right? lol)