Deal Breakers


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We all have quirks. I get that. You guys and girls ever see a quirk or weird “taste” in a possible mate that was a deal breaker in pursuing a relationship?

I could not possibly be w a woman that doesn’t shave her armpits. Total deal breaker.

Once dated a girl that hated pickles so much, if we were eating out, and pickles were on the plate, she’d send the plate back. Deal breaker for me.

Don’t think I can date a girl that didn’t drink. Wrestled w this one, but having a drink with someone occasionally while they drink water or soda feels odd to me.

A cat person. I’m not saying a girl that has a cat or two. I’m talking a woman that has an affinity to cats that borders on weird. Dogs completely acceptable. Cats, I just can’t do.

You guys/girls must have a couple to add.

max headroom

Negativity. Sure, keep it real and all but don't exist in it. Alot if life is perspective.

And if a woman won't commit to playing 15 hours of poker 6 nights a week with me I don't have time for her.


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OP's been single for too long

Then again, in the age of #metoo I get why being single is the safer option of this Bloomberg article is anything to go by

Who'd have though that pandering to regressives within a movement would end up hurting the movement as a whole?

That Mike pence guy might be onto something 🤔

Another instant deal breaker is a woman who makes something not remotely political, political.