Clocks change tonight


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I just started a new clock change thread and this is already here. I started this thread and even bumped it and it has a picture of Peanut.

And then I started a new thread.


Here's something I notice: ridiculous brain that I have, I call Sopranos actor Dominic Chianese, Dominic Chinese. AND I also call Forrest Gump actor Gary Sinise, Gary Chinese.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Saw an old law an order the other night with the son from sopranos in it.

****spoiler alert****

He did it and got busted at the very end.


Leave everything to me!
In discussions of The Sopranos, people would often comment how he was a weak link acting-wise. I was in that camp. And them some people would argue the point and defend him.

Some people are determined to be nice about EVERYTHING, and will always come charging to the rescue. Insistent niceness overrides critical thought.

Anyhoo, it has been a long time since the series wrapped up and I feel solid in saying, his career has not ascended.

Feeling all vindicated and whatnot.

Sort of parallel thing might be happening with John Hamm. Fair to say that Hamm is better than Robert Iler - pretty low bar there - but people were actually nominating John Hamm for acting awards. Ridiculous. At least no one was putting AJ up for Emmys.

Anyway I predicted a lack of career taking-offness for John Hamm post Mad Men due to him just plain not being a very good actor. Like Robert Iler.

A little early to declare victory on that one but the trends seems to be supporting me.


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Hate the early darkness. This is not the good one save for the extra hour of sleep, which makes no difference to this unemployed bum.


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Well when you get up at 9:30 through the week - but then - BOOM! - 6 am on Sunday - this is about as significantly significant as a 1 hour switcharoo can be.


Leave everything to me!
I programmed my dvr (pvr?) for a movie tonight. But then after I was done, something caught my eye. It was saying I was recording from 1:20 - 2:30.

And I was all like, heyyy, this is a normal length movie. An hour and 10?? Something is wrong here.

But then I was all like, ohhhh.


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Hate the early darkness.
This is how I see it! If couple hours of darkness when awakening no problem! Darkness early in the evening makes me feel like the day is ending too soon!

Always been fascinating to me how sunset times vary so much for cities in the same time zone!

For tomorrow Sunday ....
4:31 Boston
5:01 Wash DC
5:41 Tampa