Clocks change tonight


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Friendly reminder.

Maybe, like the person I got the news from, you have already been reminded a zillion time. Sorry if I am contributing to an unpleasant drone in your life. But that was the first and only time I heard about it.

I was poised to miss it.


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Can't think of a single clock in my apt that won't self-adjust. Chucked the old wall clock when we moved.

Do you let your VCR be off by one hour for 6 months out of the year? Hate people who do that. I've been known to fetch people's remotes and adjust their shit for them when visiting one of them weirdos.

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the sooner we get to it the sooner we get over it, is what I say. stupid daylight wasting time:donthinkso:


Leave everything to me!
Yeah I don't have a bunch of clocks to change. Microwave and alarm. That's it.

It's more an awareness and attitude thing for me. I just don't like to lose track of where I am in space and time.


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Some reason I seem programmed to be the one changing them all in the house I usually do it early Sat evening! I think I'm going to do them now! Thanks Muddy!


I don't change the clocks in the cars or motorcycle anymore. No need to be reminded of time everywhere I go. My phone and computers change automatically and I don't wear a watch.


Calling back home on Friday to parents I found out that we were only 6 hrs apart instead of the usual 7 hrs. Apparently Europe decided to turn back the clocks last weekend for some weird reason.


Leave everything to me!
Oh yeah, the car. Gotta change that too.

Not to worry though. There was a time I had to pull out the owner's manual every time but I have now figured it out and know the protocol by heart.

I'm on it! :greencheck:


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It was a PITA when part of Indiana changed and part didn't. I live right on the dividing line and it was confusing as hell.


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