Casper MLB 2023

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Awesome hit! Smart playing the Boston ML. A lucky way at the the end to win but in reality leading by 9 with not much time left they deserved it more than the Heat!
Some game!
Parlays 2-10 +$197.00
MLB Picks 17-12 +$415.00
Parlays 2-11 +$97.00
MLB Picks 18-14 +$355.00
Parlays 2-12 -$3.00
MLB Picks 20-15 +$455.00
gonna tail on tigers over. don't fuck me
Tigers scored 3 runs this weekend and get swept. If they get any hitting at all, they sweep the Sox. The Sox have slipped so much, they are struggling with KC and Detroit.
Parlays 2-13 -$103.00
MLB Picks 21-17 +$355.00