Casper MLB 2023

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Parlays 1-6 +$27.00
MLB Picks 10-5 +$475.00
@CASPERWAIT$ good job so far on your call of the Sox being way better than I ever thought! And congrats on the Celtics wiping out the 76ers today ! Tatum is the MVP so far of the playoffs. Nobody can guard him/stay in front of him! Still shaking my head we traded up from #3 to get Boston's #1* and we pick a completely non-relevant Fultz and you guys got Tatum.

*Danny was a very smart b-ball player along with IMO a shrewd GM.
Of course 0-3 today on MLB plays lol

Parlays 1-7 -$73.00
MLB Picks 10-8 +$175.00
Best To You, Brother !!

I didn’t have a good day.
Baseball ⚾️ is such a funny game.

I love it, though! Be strong!

All the best to you! @CASPERWAIT$
Parlays 1-8 -$173.00
MLB Picks 12-9 +$275.00