Casper MLB 2023

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Aug 3, 2010
We have Shortstop & Tron charting plays. @Tron nice run so far pal!

Considering only a few of us gamble on sports here, I’d throw my hat into this ring. I’ve been using an app called Pikkit which merges all your legal wagers and tracks them for you. Great app.

Below is my year total. I tend to play quite a few 3 team parlays
I want a Tron!
"We have Tron at home"
Tron at home:

(lol jk bud I know parlays are lower % and I'm sure you'll crush long run, just reminded me of this meme :laugh:)
Tron is killing it.

I don’t have a lot to offer at GL lately (that I can talk about) so I figured I can bring SOME gambling plays lol
The Braves ML is a very suspicious #. I may find myself on the Red Sox tonight in some capacity as well.