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enuff is enuff

time for Brandon to drop an A bomb on this shit hole country to stop this smoke terrorism
It is NOT friendly for them to be blowing all their smoke from their maple syruping operations our way.
Tully’s planning a 2024 George street festival trip.
Indeed. Suppose that’s a fair compromise for extincting the planet.
With all of our technology, we need to build HUGE fans at the border and blow the crap back to them.
is it true much of this is the fault of some dainty lady fireperson group?
they should apologize bigly
Canadian golfer first to win his home country open since 1954. What a way to do it in overtime playoff.

The finish to the Canadian Open was a top 20 sports watching moment for me.
Only been to Canada once. Niagara Falls with a long lost girlfriend. Great time!