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Tron you could get in trouble for posting stuff like this lol. We all know only charitable happenings will take place there.
Hear about Dwayne Haskins dying getting hit by a dump truck crossing interstate 595 in SFL? Only now familiar with that highway from using it enough but WTF would anyone try crossing it on foot? Seriously thinking maybe he wanted to say adios? RJ, Tron, MCB know this road well ..... does it ever narrow to a two lane road as it ets close to the Atlantic?
no, it ends at FLL airport, it's never pedestrian friendly

I'm guessing he was beefing with somebody or just acting crazy drunk or whatever
I’ve driven on 595 like 40,000 times. I’ve never seen anyone try to walk across it nor has it ever crossed my mind that anyone would attempt to
I saw someone walking on I-95 @ Hollywood FL a week and a half ago. Realize it's not the same road but it's remarkable whenever you see someone on foot on an interstate.
Breaking news: Many disappointed as Plommer not on list of people shot anywhere
What a moron this guy Brian Stelter is ..... seriously questioning whether CNN+ was a success or failure lol. It only lasted a month putz. If nobody is watching you guys for free do you expect them to pay to do so. Unreal who's idea was to invest 100+ mil for CNN+.

So ironic the name of this show thinking overrated Chris Wallace would spearhead CNN+ to greatness ....

Easy answer .... NOBODY!