Bitcoin-based online gambling


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Heard Facebook is introducing a crypto tomorrow

Should we invest?
Libra. Backed by PayPal, Visa and mastercard.

Personally detest what it stands for (probably one of the biggest mistakes humanity will make) but also see why it will likely succeed..

A unregulated private business having control of your money. What could possibly go wrong?


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One Bitcoin will be worth like $250K in 5 years or be worth $0. I don’t think there’s any middle ground. I’ve been very fortunate so far with it. I bought it at $179.00 years ago and then I bought more again when it dipped below $4K. It’s at $9,756 right now.


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Tronman I'm not one for hyperbole but am 99.9% confident that the price will never go to zero. There's always someone out there who'll see the price as a bargain.

Personally don't see why (based on price history) the price won't overextend to 100k by the peak of this next bull cycle.

Of course over performance then means the equivalent coming back down. Lots of opportunities to be had...

The great reset has been quietly happening for a number of years now. Soon the trickle of change will turn into a tsunami (aka 2008)...

The warning signs are ever present.