Are you ready for some football?

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Yes,yes we should. He can make him interested in football again!
i think kato is cool without.

formula one takes a lot of time.

one love.
Tua taken to the hospital with head and neck injuries!!!!

The Bengals play rough!!!!
The Tualess Phins got clobbered by the Jets today 40-17.

They weren't ready for some football.
how about that Longhorns 49 Sooners 0

Can't think of another scoreline so amazingly unexpected!

We all know football is serious business at OU and new coach Venables has to be getting killed on call in shows today. He was highest paid college coordinator at Clemson for years but maybe head coach might not be in him?

How serious is OU football? Forget about Venables big salary for a 1st time head coach but look at what even the assistants are making. Got to be more than some NFL ones.

Even strength coaches getting into the act.
"So was strength and conditioning coach Jerry Schmidt (two years, $650,000 a year), assistant strength coach James Dobson ($225,000), assistant strength coach Josue Matias ($150,000), assistant strength coach Reggie McGrew ($100,000) and executive director for football administration Thad Turnipseed (two years, $350,000 a year)."

I guess now-a-days strength and conditioning is so much more demanding and complex. Years ago they just gave the players needles and pills etc etc.
The Dolphins captains removed the ping pong table from the locker room.

Party's over.
Dolphins win! Dolphins win!

They are EXACTLY average
And the Phins nip Chicago to remain unbeaten when Tua starts!

Woo hoo!!!!
And the Phins nip Chicago to remain unbeaten when Tua starts!

Woo hoo!!!!
Good win but the Dolphins defense is hot doo doo.
Hey, they aren't going anywhere but 6-3 is 6-3. Weak upcoming schedule as well.

Could make the playoffs.
The Bills lose in ot to Minny and Miami blasts the brown eyed wonders to put the Fish in 1st place!


Go 🐟!!!!!!!
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