Are you ready for some football?

I know a Cuban in Miami that when he arrived to the country he picked the Patriots as "his team", without really knowing football well or that NE is a divisional rival of the Dolphins. I think it took him a couple of years for him to understand what that all meant. But he has stuck with it, not budging. Brady jersey and all. And that Cuban's name is Fernando.

reno cool

leave well enough alone
omg Tampa get penalized for calling 2 defensive timouts in a row on the 2 yard line on a 4th and 1. :bennyhill:

Somehow Carolina still blows it :facepalm

reno cool

leave well enough alone
yeah football is a thing. I can't quite yet decipher what thing, but I'm beginning to see that it makes strong philosophical statement.
I mean you got dozens of coaches/players/experts,a shit load of people involved, bunch of money, very important reviews for accuracy.
...and it's a comedy of errors, to any one person watching. fabulous!

...I think it's helping me understand theory of relativity :thinking:


Leave everything to me!
After two games, New England has a +73 point differential while Miami is -92.

So that's where we are with that.