Any bourbon drinkers?

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I've paid $15-$20 a shot, only one bar I know that has it. Certainly good, but anymore I'm not blown away by the hard to find stuff like that.

Paid $28 for a shot of elusive Stagg Sr. because I love Stagg jr which I can get for $60 a bottle. Not that big a difference :dunno:
I do like the barrel proof stuff though.

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Is it worth the price of admission?
I paid $185. Pappy is my favorite though, and I prefer the Wheated bourbons, so yeah, it's totally worth the 185. Just love the smooth finish...doesn't get too much better. The 15 is the sweet spot, but I'll take the 12 any day of the week. And yeah it's way overpriced at the bar no matter where you go.


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I got the 12 year 3 years ago right before Derby for $64. It’s good stuff, but what the black market is selling it for it’s not worth that.


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How did I make that gif? I didn’t have like advanced film equipment or anything. I didn’t have a grip. I must have switched the phone from one hand to the next without missing a beat?

What a time to be alive that was.

reno cool

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1544319332354.pngso trying this blade n bow. about $45. Good sweet n rich start what I like, but an extremely dull finish. :dunno: would not get again