AI Generated Art For Every Lyric

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Why is it that a job taken by technology creates a ward in the person whose job is taken? Why can't that person do something else to contribute economically?

Doesn't technology actually allow humanity to do more, even if most of the growth accrues wealth at the top isnt increasesing the economic pie a good thing?

I'm not opposed to some universal basic income as a part of ensuring a safety net. And im not trying to delude anyone with "trickle down." But god forbid the graphic artist should strap on an apron and wait some fucking tables?

This is not an argument with you @Vegas Dave. I'm 96% there with you, just 4% different at the margins. And fwiw, my job ain't very safe either... I essentially sort through and summarize large volumes of documents in the context of a litigation. I'm probably already irrelevant.
Yeah not taken as an argument, these are interesting things to think about for sure.

On the big picture scale, I agree with you. Technology does allow humanity to do more in the long run, and will lead to new innovations that will create amazing new things.

Things get more complicated on the smaller scale. I get what you are saying; there's a sense of entitlement among many artists that they "shouldn't have" to work or that they are "above" certain types of jobs. Those people certainly need an attitude adjustment and may get one sooner than they think.

But putting aside attitude, it's a legitimate concern across the board. Top graphic artists, writers, musicians etc. are experts in their field. They have spent years honing their craft, building their portfolios/client bases, etc. Me for example, I started off writing tons of stuff for free on a blog just to prove I could write. That led to a low wage gig at SBR that I had to move 1500 miles for. Which led to my first real writing gig making $0.03 per word. I've grinded that up to $0.18-$0.20 per word over the last 15 years by becoming a much better writer and building up a massive portfolio to show potential clients.

So AI eliminates my industry and I have to "strap on an apron and wait some fucking tables." Now I'm starting at zero in a new industry in my 40s. Lower salary, no certainty that whatever job I grab and start trying to claw back up in doesn't also get replaced or become irrelevant. They already have waiter bots at California Pizza Kitchen and tablets to order and close out your bill at YardHouse. How long before a full staff of waiters is just one or two people overseeing the robots?

And even before that, I and thousands of other people formerly educated and experienced in the arts flood the service industry with labor out of necessity. What happens to all of the people currently working in the service industry? Only so many jobs to go around.

There are major ramifications ahead that are not being appropriately planned for. Hundreds of years from now (assuming we haven't all wiped each other out), I'm certain that advancements in AI technology will have ushered in a new era of amazing things for humankind. But not without a ton of pain and economic turmoil in those transformative years.