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  • rj if you need some sbr points i have at this point,let me know,coz maybe they work voodoo on my bets and i lost whole points i have,let me know,coz i will use all today.if u like i would like to give u 300 points,send me ur id around before midnight gmt before i place my nba nhl cbb bets,thanks.
    whats up RJ only one hor left for nba and cbb games to begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ist not manhood to step frwd and step back !i am waiting for your warm shoulder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    jurur ,i need you as last year you only help me one day.
    i need you for,
    they blocked my Ip although they run a small odds,but they use stiff bookie bwin odds and run by bwin,there odds for nba and cbb remain same for couple of days,
    last year when i reqest you you did it once only,
    is you kind enough to paste in my prfile there nba and cbb odds so first i sort out which odds they usig for cbb and not for nba,very nice site to make money through nba and cbb .
    hope this time you act as a loyal frnd.
    best sincere regards,
    i am waiting.i post such thread in sbr for 6 points a day to person who send me those odss but bobby sent me warning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    RJ,do me a favor as u r hindu,is in yourfamily any future teller,i wanna inquire why i not successful in banging sbr book ,what for i entangled in hot waters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    jurur send me the player name that in your though will score HOMERUN,i wanna tak part in cappersmall contest daily 25$ from BFC.
    I am wiating!donnt be stiff like ghazal
    Do you handle the tracking of the best bets manually? I could try and develop something that would automatically pull bets as long as people use a consistent format. Let me know if interested.
    (1) Combined Runs, both teams,
    (2) Combined Total Hits, both teams,
    (3) Combined Strike Outs, both teams.
    which team will win bre or card
    contest is for sunday night espn.
    do not stiff or sorry me as like bread,plese help me out,although this is tough to predict but,i hope yuou may be of great help to me,as i have no money to bet with.
    this contest at
    i need your answer to post there by sunday morning or so.thankyou once again ..
    Shanty I was not making fun of you by my signature. You know I consider you a friend. I saw that message and it was left for the Shrink so I used it as a signature because I liked what you said.

    I have removed the signature. If you did not write that then who did? We must catch the idiots who are making posts using your name!!!!11
    3rd one in same thread.
    Shanty will return one mexican stallion
    i curious to know as robyn leash him by writing.
    Hey you!.
    whats this mean.
    Brother,from last 3 days i want to tease you to clarify this,today i found immortality sig.too.please let me know,is this envouraging or something funny contemptous like other fools did at sbr.
    IMMortality wrotes.
    At some times i heard the shrinks tales of poddle!!!!! and go fourth so and so in heaven light to shine on happy for all to see!!!

    ~ Asher John

    I used to receive private and magical message on facebook from shanty. I wasn't aware, until Bread told me Friday, that Pakistan has revoked access to facebook, but I thought this was for a limited time only. I miss my shanty. Is he still posting here or at SBR?

    Shanty if you are here, how are things going with Tonya and Ghazal? Are you going to Costa Rica to hang out with RW beauties and Peter Loshalk?
    these posts from gamelive .
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