Wtf is this Bitcoin shit

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Everything will be worse online. Don't do it.

As was discussed all grinders or bots. Yes everyone is anonymous so no HUD, etc. influence, but seemingly little to no recreational players.

Also Bovada only gives you 30 days on the bonus and it was impossible to clear that even 4 tabling $.5/$1 6+ hours a day.

Also I got whacked on the deposit fee which they said they don't do, they blamed it on my bank whom also charged an international fee and when I sent them a bank statement showing both fees they came back and didn't acknowledge that it was two fees, not one - they again said it was one fee charged by my bank. It's thirty bucks, whatever.

My thought on Bovada is if you want to screw around with a couple very fun but likely unprofitable versions of poker be it the Zoom or the Jackpot tourneys, go for it - or go play video games and smoke weed with some college kids - the latter will save you some money, you'll have just as much fun and will feel just as much of a sense of accomplishment.

The live lines are instant and nice for sports betting.

I give Bovada an overall rating of C due to the tight games and poor customer service on the fee. Quick responses are nice, if they're correct. The saving grace is the anonymous playing.

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They did just give me a $15.63 bonus and I know that makes you all extremely jealous, but please try to handle your feelings with some level of maturity.

I accomplished this by betting a -1650 live line on the Rockets when they were up 13 after 3 quarters which lost just to try to feel some drunk joy before going to bed and you didn't, because that's what sharps do.



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Rogie I think it was 2 decades ago I swore the NBA was rigged and that I would never bet it again.

It's amazing how history repeats itself.

Fuck this bitch.



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For those who desire anonymity whilst using crypto. combined with a Tor mirror should set you right.

There are alternates but this is probably the easiest way 👍

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Thank you Xpy, always appreciated.

And I take back calling Paul George a bitch. He came back from one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of sports and is now in the conversation (won't get it, but in the conversation is amazing all things considered) for league MVP.

I made a dumb bet, great player made a great shot.

If he wants to call me a bitch in return I'm cool but he probably has better things to do.

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Lost that $15.63 on the Penguins last night to go to zero BUT Bovada won't let things end that way. They just issued me ANOTHER bonus, $3.27.

I think we're about even now and I upgrade my grade on them to a B-.

Big things to come - CHIP AND A CHAIR BABY.

Focused on recruiting for the time being and very likely going back to playing live on Saturday, because -

"I don't know what the fuck a bitcoin is but if I can't throw it on a stripper than shoot me in the face". -Daniel Tosh


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I was HUGH on Royals ML and RL today.

They were ONE strike away from winning.

They did not win.

Padres/DBacks Under 9 one time common?

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We did win on the Leafs and the Flames to take our $3.27 to $10.94.

The Pens aren't seriously going to go down 0-2 to the fucking ISLANDERS with 2-4 future HOFers on their team, ARE THEY?!


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That lost because Pittsburgh is lost, but Bovada did just give me a $10 bonus to play only poker.

Rating on them is up to a B.

Big things to come.