Where the fok is the football thread?!


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Bills are sitting pretty (in an early-season wildcardy sense). San Fran beating Cleveland tomorrow would help even more (in a very-early-for-pronouncements sense.)


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they could, except they are missing a lot of starters, so...that's a bit of a hit......we'll see how it goes, but no one seems to have much faith in them this season....


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Love the Browns today
Other than the Raiders next fav AFC team! The fans of Cleveland deserve to be in the SB! Liked them against Ravens but never pulled the trigger! Pulled the trigger against SF and went to bed early! Like you always say, go against what most people think! Let's do it!

Go Browns!!!


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People that jumped on the Browns bandwagon didn’t take Mayfields small amount of playing time into account. To assume he was the next big thing was foolish. Are the Browns better than years past? Absolutely. Are they SB contenders? Absolutely not.


I Don’t Do Math Because It Hurts My Heart
Surprise team for the next 10 weeks will be Tennessee Titans. Can totally see them going 7-3 the next 10 games.

reno cool

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leave it to stupid coach to run a quarterback sneak with a gimpy quarterback and get him fucked up :facepalm