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Phillies +101
I sure hope they don't mush you today! I know you know going against Gallen and listen to entire local post game show last night and Michael Barkaan was ripping them a new one. Love the guy no sugar-coating. John Kruk Phil's analyst in post game interview even was pushing footing around it being an ex-player and friend. Can't buy a runner-in-scoring position hit. OF COURSE HE STATED WATCH THEM BLAST GALLEN FOR 10 RUNS TODAY! Hope this one of your plays against public perception hits for sure.

Barkaan loves bringing up the stats, 20 out of the last 39 times scoring a run in an inning the next inning Phil's pitchers couldn't shut them down. It happen twice last night. Total momentum killer!
From a couple years ago. Doesn't hold back! Love it!!!
michael barkhan ripping the phillies
So I’ll jinx this now (we have 3 plays tonight so it’s very unlikely all of them are victorious) but the Phillies win today was the 8th winner in a row in this thread. Heaters are a blast.
Tough bottom of the 1st. LAD 1st and 3rd and one out and don’t score.