Thread where Steves rambles about life

Weezer just caught me. I'm actually more like him, a dork that can be buff if he needs to be. Much love to Caleb and them but that really just caught me.

I love you Kings.

We'll get there someday.

You're too rich, lol.

And how the fuck, seriously? 2 Days stoned? From living in CARS? What? Grammies? You serious?

I got a tat for you for a reason.


I just don't know how in the actual fuck.
I actually hit my knee pretty bad and so I am sorry if I offended anyone in any way. I'm trying to take showers without falling. That's where we are at and I didn't expect that at all


Love. Always, just love.

I am going to just be wounded for a bit. Wounded from no actual battle. Just hurt myself a little bit and it will be ok in time. That is so fucking stupid.

Love. Love always. Always.
Shit my knee is still actually just still so bad.

I'm gonna go sleep and cry about that pain. It is but I said no hospo again. It'll be alright.

Much love.

Just love.
Dammit I think the hifyh girls might be back.

I love you.

Thank you.

I really don't need anything for now.

Ty though, support is nice.

Honk more. Just make me smile more, and more. The endorphins really do help. Seriously.

Giggling is fun and I will do anything for you, good look on the desk. VERY good look.

We can all just have fun if you look at it right.

People I'm only preparing.

It'll be alright.

Much love and thank you so much for putting up with me at all.

Nicky was actually a mistake now that I see it so I just let them go.

Cami was a mistake from a mistake.

I will go straight to the fucking top and you will all have my love, always. If I somehow fail I'll just try again.

I love you.

Thank you.