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Banned Everywhere Except Here…
May 27, 2022
“Trying to not think about something, tends to make us think about even more”
Self compassion often involves taking the more difficult road that is in your best interests …
“If We Are Unwilling To Experience Things, What Are We Left With ???”
"You drive once and you hit people twice"

new chinese saying shorty

bad driver driving carelessly
"Authentic greasy spoons"

old chinese saying shorty

when there's too many flies around the food/table
“Does a blind person look twice before crossing the road ?? “
I wish I was the messenger and all the news was good …
“You spend your entire life trying to get your parents off your back only to realize that they’re the only ones who ever have it …” 🙏🏽
I wish I would have stayed with this wonderful woman longer. However, it was long distance and not easy. We met in Puerto Rico. I was with another woman and I really don’t remember or care who she was with …

Regardless, I’ll never forget her telling me ; “Don’t sweat the small stuff”

So very true! Miss her a lot ..
Shorty you can be in this show called The Bachelor where all these women compete to be with you :yup:

Haha! Sign me up. That would be quite an experience …

Perhaps too much drama for me … 💡