The Polaroid Random Thoughts Baseball Thread


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Big G wants the Marlins to retain their lineup and add pitching but that aint happening cause Sherman and Jeter are broke after scraping $$$ together to buy the team.


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4th FIRE SALE in 20 years (Gordon and Stanton wont be the only Marlins starters gone by Opening Day).

Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman somehow managed to trade Giancarlo Stanton and Dee Gordon and NOT get a Baseball America Top 100 prospect back.

Im more angry about that than the FIRE SALE.


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Some teams are going young and some teams are going OLD BALLS.

Kutch played really well last year after a slow start.


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I have fairly low expectations for the Blue Jays this year. Guise keep trying to put a happy spin on things and point to the starting pitching and how it compares favorably to anyone. Closer Roberto Osuna is looking totally possible for a bounceback year. So that all could work.

If there are no injuries.

And I see that. In a way.

But I am expecting injuries.

And also there is the offense or lack thereof. That matters too. And the probable injuries there.

And being in a division with the money-is-no-object Yanks and Sox.

My prediction for Blue Jays 2018: 10 games below .500