The Mudcat and the fly - a parable

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Jan 27, 2010
I had a thing at work yesterday where this fly kept landing on me, and I would wave it away, and it would be back 2 seconds later. I figured if I kept swatting at it the second it landed, at some point it would get tired of this endless tango and move on to more relaxing pastures, but no, it kept landing on me. Seemed like it might go on forever.

Then I started to think about it. I was not teaching the fly a lesson. It was teaching me one.

Was it really that bothersome, this fly? The answer was no, not really.

It's like I have been conditioned to think that I am supposed to be terribly put out by the fly - but when I really analyzed it, it was not a big deal. It didn't hurt, it didn't itch. It was such a minute sensation to get so preoccupied with.

I just stopped and relaxed. The fly landed on my hand which was resting on my work bench. I watched the fly. It crawled around, back and forth between my hand and the bench.

It was cute. Compact little winged organism just doing, like me, what it is programmed to do.

Again, it certainly didn't hurt. There was nothing really bad about the sensation.

Is it possible this little fly had come straight from a climbing a piece of shit to my hand? I suppose so. But I am not as put out by that thought as many people in our germphobic times. I grew up as a little dirtbag camper communing with every kind of nature. I don't expect the world to be sterile. If the extent to which flies are unsanitary is dangerous, I would have been dead a long time ago.

That aside, if I was worried about that kind of thing, I would be more worried about shit molecules all over the public bathrooms and various door handles etc. But I don't worry about that stuff either.

I decided that I would go forward in life, less concerned about flies. Let them land. Who cares? Not me.

PS - the fly went away almost immediately after my decision. I don't consider that any kind of poetic outcome to this parable. As far as I'm concerned, the parable was over before this PS. But it happened to be true.
Fly 1 Mudcat 0

That fly was in your head. He knew how to play you. Mr. Miyagi would have never let that fly get away with that sort of behavior.
A single fly is a pain in the ass, but some people seem get used to them.

Flies are disgusting little creatures like that of roaches and rats. Not only could that fly have just left a steamy pile of crap it could have left a decaying deseased body just as well.

I do find the timing of this kind of ironic though because yesterday in my office there was the single fly that kept doing the exact same thing and it annoyed the fok out of me. It would land and I would swat. Unlike you though I never had a more in depth look at the situation or the fly itself. It was still an annoying, nasty little creature and further unlike you I eventually swatted and squashed the fok'r.
I sprayed a fly and a huge mosquito with a roach spray yesterday and it died. My wife says the spray doesn't say it's for flies and mosquitoes. I said if it can kill a roach it can kill anything.
a little dirty never hurt anyone

good for you muddy
I know, I know. It is the literal fly.

But it is so many things.

Well done Muddy pal.
How about if it's more than one fly?