The Elon Musk Shitshow

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1) And after all the lies that Trump routinely peddled, 2) You really actually care about this?
1) Please give me specific examples WHILE President and we can discuss
2) I do care about the mass influx of undocumented immigrants. Trump wanted to build a wall, Biden's done what?
But now it's just "the other side is true evil". And somehow I'm the pawn? Lol ok.
Please give an honest account of what the liberal left has done bad/good and how can you not say which side is MORE evil? You don't want to admit any specifics instances about the BAD left but will constantly deflect that the right is the same.

Here's one from my perspective, love how Biden and Co fuked up the Afghan withdrawal. We can spot terrorists camps from the sky but somehow have no clue the Taliban is slowly moving across the country lol. Then to boot Biden and Co tell us they killed some high-profile terrorists but thank God some news outlet truthfully discovers were really innocent civilians.

WASHINGTON — Newly declassified surveillance footage provides additional insights about the final minutes and aftermath of a botched U.S. drone strike last year in Kabul, Afghanistan, showing how the military made a life-or-death decision based on imagery that was fuzzy, hard to interpret in real time and prone to confirmation bias.
The strike on Aug. 29 killed 10 innocent people — including seven children — in a tragic blunder that punctuated the end of the 20-year war in Afghanistan.

2 high profile ISIS targets killed in U.S. drone strike in Afghanistan, Pentagon says​

“This strike was not the last," President Joe Biden said. "We will continue to hunt down any person involved in that heinous attack and make them pay."

Most would say just a small consequential occurrence but shows how BAD Biden and the left have governed the last couple years! Let's count the rights against the wrongs.
The list of putrid policies and actions from this administration is miles long.

And the media collusion to obfuscate and lie for this administration should be a massive red flag and should make people question everything that's fed to them.

But some people won't learn the lessons that history has previously taught us until it's far too late.

They're that dumb. And we'll all pay for their stupidity.
The people have spoken :handshake:
Is it safe to assume Twitter is gone now? I haven't looked.
So now they are called twix and retwix
Elon and Bibi share a laugh

musk and bibi shares a laugh_