Superbowl talk. I think the squares love KC +2

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I have some information and actually think the 9ers as an org make more money (a lot more money) if the chiefs win. Everyone makes a lot more money if the cheifs win because of Taylor. Aside from bettors, there's really no (financial) reason anyone would route for the 9ers.

If you have one ounce of conspiracy theory in you nows the time to believe. This is bigger than the moon landing, bigger than JFK or 9/11. Roger Goodell and Taylor Swift have fixed the Super Bowl.
I’m hearing swift and goodell are doing a duet before goodell gives the Vince Lombardi trophy to the chiefs
Fuck. I didn't think about the possibility that the chiefs lose spectacularly, Taylor breaks up with Travis and starts dating the 49ers Super Bowl MVP...
49ers ML -125 at 888bet and Will Hill

Locked in for 3 air units

I enjoyed Country Postie