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Cool story bruh
Oct 30, 2019
Hey what's up everyone, Stevek here. I wanted to make a thread to keep track of my poker playing in all facets.

A little bit about me, like many I started playing during the poker boom. I have been playing on and off for over 25 years both live and online. I've won as much as 25k in one night and over the course of time have been an above average winning player, mostly playing 1/2-2/5 live and 1/2-10/20 online. I've adjusted to playing only live for multiple reasons. I only play cash, not tournaments.

I have at times played full time for a living, but these days I only play weekends as I have a full time job as a debt collector.

Here we will be keeping track of hours played and net profit/loss including specific stats for each level.

Today's session was a complete roller coaster.
We were playing good tight aggressive poker on a 1/2 table with about $300. We get dealt pocket aces, and a good aggressive player makes it $35 in front of us. We make it $75 and he snap calls. The flop comes Q38 rainbow and he checks. We make it $100 and he snap calls. The turn is a 2 and he checks so we shove our remaining $125 in. He snap calls and flips over pocket Kings (we were worried that he might have Queens) and we were feeling great. Then BOOM he hits his two outer King for a set and scoops up the pot. Sick bad beat, and we were not feeling good about things.

I then figured it's Saturday night with $1k high hands, no better time to play some 1/3, so I moved up. I did not play loose tilted poker because of the disgusting beat and being down. My table was a bunch of limping nits so I switched tables. Good action at the second 1/3 table as there were some juicy fish there and one good aggressive player, and one player that kept shoving all in and winning pots, I requested a seat change to his left.. We play well catch some cards for some small to medium pots and we're up $130 at the table. We get dealt AK spades and the shoving maniac makes it $25 so we call. Two others call and the flop comes AK3 with two hearts. I'm first to act and I wanted to check and wait for someone to bet but I figured I'd better bet against the flush draw so I made it $35. Two players fold and the maniac makes it $65. I tank a bit and make it $145 and he snap shoves, he had me stacked with over $1k. Verse most players I'm really worried about a set here but probably still call, but verse him it was an easy snap call. The turn was a heart which was a big scare card and the river was the ten of spades. He flips over AJ spades and our two pair is good for the $1,230 pot!

That brings us to +$228 on the session in 8.5 hours of play, -$300 at 1/2 and +$528 at 1/3. We'll call tips for dealers and drinks (non alcoholic, of course) $15.

Notes on the session, more or less a good job. Mostly good poker except one bad $45 call with pocket fives on a 236 board. The player it was vs was a horrible maniac with a big stack whom clearly had overs and was going to probably pay us if we hit the 4 or the 5, but still the pot was only like $40 so too much to pay for so few outs.

Good job on the table change and the seat change.

It feels good to come out ahead tonight despite the sick beat with the aces.

We'll probably start out at 1/2 tomorrow, but we'll see how things look.

That's all for now, hope everyone is running good and having a good weekend.

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Congrats on the winning session Stevey!

Not re-raising preflop in that AKss hand against a super aggro player is horrifically bad. You went four-ways to the flop and are super lucky you smashed it. What was your plan if you missed flop?

That's a crystal clear reraise. You need to study up your 3bet charts!
I don't agree for me, since AK is only 30% to hit the flop. What if I reraise and he shoves? This guy probably would've pushed. Do you call a $575 shove there with AK suited? For myself I probably only reraise AA or KK there.

I like to limp/call with AK. Depends on the table/opponents. I really think this guy would've shoved all in on a reraise there and Id really hate to be facing a huge shove with AK.

My plan if I miss the flop there is to check/fold and wait for a better spot.

As always I appreciate the advice, and sure one of the other oppenets could've flopped a set or something.

Thank you for the congratulations man and the advice. Nothing life changing but feels good.
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Having no three-bet range besides AA and KK and not wanting to call off AKs all-in against a maniac like this who's range you are miles ahead of means you are playing way way way way way too passively.

And that's fine, its your money and entertainment. But it's also very suboptimal poker.

I don't want to be negative though so I'm going to refrain from future strategy talk. Good luck Stevey 👍
I’m not reading all of that.

Stevie, can you post screen shots from your poker tracking app after each session? The app will show you what your hourly rate is etc etc etc. I used to use an app called Check Your Bets for my poker play but that was easily 15 years ago so I’m not sure if that app is still around.
+$319 in 7.5 hours today. Almost entirely played 1/3 but a good portion of the profit came when we sharply dipped down to 1/2 to play this cool total degen old guy that chases anything. We flop top set w pocket 7s, bet the shit out of it knowing he'll chase and he pays us off a couple hundo. Dude was fresh off a $7,800 slot hit, God bless him.

Good weekend of winning poker.


Up to date stats:

16 hours

Run good, crew.
Playing 1/3 and disgusting hand (I'm my favor) early, pocket 5s flop AJ5. Long story short sneaky old guy limped and smooth called with aces, and the river was a 5 to give me quads!

Up $624 not even two hours in and before the $1k high hands start and the donks show up.

Sky's the limit!
Got hit with some variance as the table donkey rivered our nut flush by catching a boat and hit set over set over us. This guy shoved all in with A8 and 66 vs others and caught, left with like $3k.

We finish +$2 in 8.5 hours on the day bringing us to:

24.5 hours

Got hit with some variance as the table donkey rivered our nut flush by catching a boat and hit set over set over us. This guy shoved all in with A8 and 66 vs others and caught, left with like $3k.

We finish +$2 in 8.5 hours on the day bringing us to:

24.5 hours

You were at 547, so should be 549 if +2, unless you meant -2.
Today we book a small win that feels better than most because we were down about $400 the first six hours of the session due to some nasty setups and some bad luck. We bounce back the last 90 minutes with top set against a hyper aggro player that had overs and a nice nut flush. Nothing mind blowing but we'll certainly take it.

7.5 hours

Up to date;

32 hours

Run good, crew
We get hit hard today as nothing but bad spots and bad luck. We lose a good portion to a crazy squeeze betting maniac that turns the nut str8 as we turn top 2 pair, among other ugly losing spots vs him. This guy finished by calling all in with AK off pre flop for over $600 and beating aces, then running off. Then the poor lady he beat was doing $400 flips and lost.

Heavy stuff.

10.75 hours

Up to date:
42.75 hours
$1.52/hr :ohmy:

Don't quit your day job, as they say.
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