Stamkos vs Ovechkin


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Here we go.

I hope Tampa pounds the snot out the the Caps and someone breaks Ovechkins legs. Hopefully this will be a highly offensive series.


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Pucky, I see OVI and Semin destroying the bolts. The cup will go to DC.
Pretty bold statement Blit. I think Stamkos and St. Louis will catch fire. Same with Lecavalier. I'd like to see Downie take one of his patented runs at Ovie. I fucking hate Ovie. He's a dirty prick. Only Russian player that I really hate to be honest with you.

Either way, it should be fun to watch.

reno cool

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get that Lightning t shirt out Blitty, I know you got one. Rolisson and St. Louie on the same team is a winner. :up:


It's Yzerman isn't it. He's bigger than the whole thing. Is it Stevie Y. Was he right in leaving Carter with nowhere to go in Canada. It's Stevie Y isn't it. It's Stevie Y isn't.

It's him isn't it.