Stamkos vs Ovechkin

Here we go.

I hope Tampa pounds the snot out the the Caps and someone breaks Ovechkins legs. Hopefully this will be a highly offensive series.
Pucky, I see OVI and Semin destroying the bolts. The cup will go to DC.
Pretty bold statement Blit. I think Stamkos and St. Louis will catch fire. Same with Lecavalier. I'd like to see Downie take one of his patented runs at Ovie. I fucking hate Ovie. He's a dirty prick. Only Russian player that I really hate to be honest with you.

Either way, it should be fun to watch.
It's Yzerman isn't it. He's bigger than the whole thing. Is it Stevie Y. Was he right in leaving Carter with nowhere to go in Canada. It's Stevie Y isn't it. It's Stevie Y isn't.

It's him isn't it.