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I like this version a lot more than the one that got very famous when it was released by Counting Crows

saw orville peck last night - bad ass show
The Curse of the blackened eye is a nice song. Thanks for sharing Id never heard of him. He seems a bit hit or Miss but that’s a hit for me.
So U2 has taken up a Las Vegas residency beginning the beginning of next year. They will be playing HUGH shows and taking in HUGH money. They will also have a new album coming out.

For those who were wondering about rock and roll LEGENDS U2 (Matty, etc.), that's what's up there.
Yeah you made me watch it again. It really had no business being this good. You can tell he's a proper fan of the band, just from the song selection. His voice is perfect for it too. 👌
Has any band ever been this technically good while also being so melodically good AND had as much fun as they did?

And I just discovered a few minutes ago that Grimes is definitely not for me.

I was walking today and I saw a girl with a shirt on that said I Hate Your Mom with a picture of a band on it.

Man, is that a name for a band