Paul Skenes is coming

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SP Nation and I Ruin things
Jan 27, 2010
you getting pumped about Paul Skenes
A starting staff of Skenes, Jones and Keller will be one of the best in MLB …
Skenes is making his first start Saturday vs the Cubs. Place should be rocking.
another stud arm to mis develop and squander
another stud arm to mis develop and squander
Too bad Pittsburgh has become the early 2000s version of the San Diego Padres
Remind you of Kerry Wood debut? Strasburg?
sounds like the pirates since I can remember

starting with Bonds, Smiley, Bonilla, Drabek ect
anyone remember that amazing Aramis Ramirez trade to the Cubs?
I might AUTO FADE Skenes his first start
I'm not sure what to do here. He's given a 1.4 WAR value right now, but 3.3 when extrapolated to 200 innings pitched. I'm not even sure how he can be anything other than a 0 since he's never played in the majors, but ok.

If I use 1.4 the play is Cubs. If I use 3.3 it's a no-play.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe