Not knowing what I have done to upset someone is so frustrating and saddening

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Feb 3, 2016
One of the things I hate most is terrible communication, whether it be poorly executed or non-existent all together. I think one of the most important skills someone needs to have is communication. Whenever people argue, fight, get into a misunderstanding, etc., the best way to fix it and even prevent it is communication.

When I was with Him, the reason we were able to have such a peaceful and pleasant relationship was because whenever something bothered us, we talked about it. Whenever we got upset at each other, instead of yelling or ignoring each other and leaving, we talked about it and got through it. Right now Im currently dorming with my best friend. Well call him Charles for the sake of privacy. Whenever he gets upset, he gets quiet. Whenever he has a long day or whenever he is angry or upset with me, he just keeps quiet. I think that is the one thing that drives me crazy the most. If someone that I have done upset him, I want him to talk to me about it. I want to know what it was that upset him so that we can talk through it and so that I dont do whatever it may be again.

Not knowing what I have done to upset someone is so frustrating and saddening. I want to be able to talk through it and fix it. I understand when Charles has a long day and would just like to have time to himself, I get that, but when it comes to any conflict with me, Id like to talk about it. Otherwise, I dont know how to go about making anything better. Theres a difference between comfortable silence and tense silence. It makes me uncomfortable and I hate having any negative atmosphere with him. Hes my best friend and I always want to be able to talk about what ever it is that is upsetting him.
Tell Charles I said hi.
Yeah Autxmn

If our GURU Enigma tells you to do something

That's what the FUCK you do man