North Carolina MoneyLine...(Kentucky)


Show Me the Money!!!!
Think it's at about +105..

Gonna be a wild game with a bunch of swings but Kentucky will end up making too many dumb mistakes to win in the end..



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I can't bet this game. North Carolina is a very streaky team and Kentucky is coached by a man who I don't trust in big games. I also hate both these teams, so investing money in one of them is not on my short list of things to do today.


angry and drunk
I think both coaches suck in big games.

I am passing on this game.

Maybe a 2nd half play of one present itself.


angry and drunk
I am a UConn fan and I really not sure who I would want to play.

Both teams have been all over the map this year.

I think Kentucky is the better team, but Barnes will be the best player on the court today.