No Homo

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Vegas Dave

Not a Real GameLiver
Jan 28, 2010
$7.99 for an Italian Hoagie ??? What size?

I think Tron is legit … He’s my guy. “No Homo”

Yes! FairWarning has always been one of my favorites…

No homo.

What is happening??

Always liked you and your posting ..

No homo.

Give me your top 3 to win possibly the NCAA MEN’S TOURNAMENT…

Mine are Texas, Alabama and Kansas

Also, love West Virginia

How are you doing, MF? You’re a great man !! No homo. I completely understand where you’re coming from …. Hope you’re well !!!
Is it ever homo as an exception, or nah?
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It's actually a big holiday in some Asian countries, it's called White Day, female reciprocate on March 14 to the guy if they received a gift on St Valentine's, Viet Korea Nippon etc

I am sure rayray is receiving his steak and blowjobs for the yet another set of tits he gifted to some Asian

Haha! I had a HomeWrecker from Moe’s earlier…

Does that count?
Thinking the best path is to buy what you want and put it together yourself…
Thinking the best path is to buy what you want and put it together yourself…
Indeed unless your got lots of $$$$$. And for those without it people in other areas like being able to do some car work, plumbing, electrical stuff and remodeling of the sorts can save lots in LABOR! That these days can be moire that the parts themselves. A co-worker even would replaced brakes on his car after buying the parts. Could I trust myself doing that even watching how to do it 10X timers on YouTube? :facepalm

Maybe RJ next time you need them on your auto, maybe I should visit and we can give it a twirl. I can be your .....


Though we did up in NJ rebuild (95% of it) an aging deck and finish off a downstairs room (minus electrical).
Replacing pads and rotors, pumps, belts, etc on a car used to be easy. I haven't tried in 20 years but I suspect anything that's "take out and replace" is still pretty easy. Machining or customizing is a totally different story. As with lots of DIY having the correct tools is key.