NBA 2018-19 anyone?


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Raptors are up by 28 in the 3rd.

If it is to be a typical Raptors game, they will now allow some massive Grizzlies run until they are tied - then scrap it out at the end for a 2 point win.

I say typical Raptors game but maybe that should just be typical NBA game.

reno cool

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1st game I watched in years Houston LA. Boy LA blew it. But they didn't even do anything stupid really. (Like I'm used to seeing in NFL) They foul a guy so he can't take a 3. Then they get fouled, lead is 3. All this takes 2 seconds. Still few seconds left, LA guarding against 3pter, but give it up anyway. ..wonder if fouling on a 3 is a better option. Guy will probably miss one of em.
Seems like that Yugoslavian guy is good player for Lakers


Leave everything to me!
I am not as impressed with James Harden as the rest of the world. I feel like, if you are taking the stupid-high percentage of your teams shots that he takes, you should have a high points-per-game. His actual field goal and 3 pt percentages aren't wildly impressive (44% and 37%).

I'm not saying he's a bad player - but people are conceding him the MVP and I think that is shallow thinking.

Anyway the Raptors are losing to the Rockets right now so fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

max headroom

The next great player will also have one eyebrow but only on one side, so it's like the same gimmick but in less of a Bert from Sesame Street kind of way.

Look for this in roughly 2028.


Leave everything to me!
It would be great to have AD in Toronto. We have some significant young pieces that we could trade.

I don't doubt that Masi Ujiri is making an attempt, trying to put together a package.

Unfortunately what seems more likely is Davis ends up with the Lebron and the Lakers - and Kawhi leaves us and goes there too. Yay! Another superteam! No one had a chance before and now, no one really has a chance!


Leave everything to me!
Big match-up between the Raptors and Bucks in progress. First place in the east at stake. Impact on tiebreakers yada yada.

What I've seen of it, the Raptors look like crap so far - but we shall see.


Leave everything to me!
I am dubious about the Raptors activities at the trade deadline. We got Marc Gasol which people seem to think is great. We gave up Valanciunus - and this is where I don't get it. JV appears to be a more efficient player looking at his points and rebounds per minute played.

But then he doesn't play as many minutes. Not this year anyway. Obviously there's a reason for that. Stuff I don't understand. I'm not an NBA expert.

So I will bow to the experts that Gasol is the much better player.

But we gave up three more guys including C.J. Miles who at least has the potential to be a shooter. He's having a weak season but he's been a good shooter at times in the past. Raptors need shooting. Desperately.

People are talking about how we are going all-in for this year. I can see we've got some really nice pieces - but I would go as far as to say that, unless Masi Ujiri can pull a couple of really good shooters out of his ass - you can totally forget it.