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Us was pretty terrible.

It would have been better if he wasn't trying for anything extra to be going on and just gave us a horror, but instead he just tortured a metaphor for class divides for 2 hours. Metaphors have to make some sort of sense in the world that they're being set it in order to work. Terrible.

I loved Get Out.


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Hmmmmm interesting. I thought Get Out was one of the worst films I’ve ever seen in the theater. I kept looking around wondering if someone was going to jump out and say, “JUST KIDDING WE’RE GONNA START THE REAL FILM NOW HAHA!!” I know a lot of people who thought it was great, though.


never had an intact pistachio club
Thought Get Out was great and was looking forward to Us. 🤔 Might still give it a try.
I mean, it has some good visuals, some great performances, and a few laughs. It's not good, though. Give it a try.


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Don't go by me. It's one of my least favorite genres and I shouldn't even be looking at it.

I got the idea it might rise above the genre - but nope. It's right there in it.

It really had no chance with me.


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Well, I just watched Us. Not sure I understand the whole mimicing thing. At least Get Out's supernatural bits made sense.

My takeaway is that I want to boink Lupita Nyong'o. :handshake:

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I was told this is good by someone cool. Going to take a look when I get a chance.

Got a couple dates lined up a little ways out with very cool women, maybe I'll do that with one of one of them, or I think it'll more likely be dinner and wine. Whatever she wants to do actually. The other is going to be a minigolf thing as prior discussed.

This movie does look cool.


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Narcos Mexico was another quality entry in the Narcos series. Very good.

They did a great job of teasing the next season too. Looking forward to that.


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I’m officially watching The Office series for first time.

Currently into season 3.

More decent than I thought it would be.


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Next on the TV show watchlist for me: Freaks and Geeks (1999). I've been hearing about how it's a 1-season gem ever since it came out.

Time to see for myself.